Don’t get me wrong, I am totally immersed in all things metaphysical. My house is full of crystals and Himalayan salt lamps, my shelves are lined with books about soul work, and every week I sage just about everything around me to remove stagnant, negative energy.  Heck, I talk to the dead and listen to angels on a daily basis.  So yes, I’m pretty invested in all things “woo”. (Insert painful cringe at the use of that word).

Here’s my problem though: My work as a Spiritual Medium is something I take very seriously. It has been a long journey for me, to sit comfortably in an industry where good honest healers are made out to be less than honorable people.  We are called charlatans, frauds, cheaters, scammers and wack-a-doodles (my all-time favorite) just because we have developed our perceptual abilities beyond the average person. I don’t dismiss that there are dishonest folks in my industry, of course there are.  Unfortunately, there are dishonest folks in just about every industry around the world including lawyers, physicians and even the clergy; those jobs our culture holds in high esteem.

To me (and yes, I know there will be some push back on this) the term “Woo-Woo” is, in its core context, dismissive and makes light of the skills and outcomes of some pretty important work.  We don’t practice “woo-woo”, we practice a trade that involves hard work, skill, discernment, honesty, clarity and professionalism just like any other trade.  We learn to navigate our world in way that is both engaged yet removed in order to make sense of what is going on around us. We constantly have to discern what we feel, see and hear and then, make decisions on how to best use that information for the greater good, all the while tending to our normal daily lives. We feel deeply and see beyond what the average person sees and therefore we are constantly  filtering  what’s happening around us.

Merriam-Websters dictionary defines Woo-Woo as: dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific.  Hummm.  I’m not dubious that’s for sure.  I’ll cop to being mystical but I don’t think I qualify as being ‘outlandishly’ so.  Supernatural??? I’m super that’s for sure, but nowhere close to being natural! (i.e. My hair loves bleach and my fingernails are covered with – well you don’t need to know that.)  As for unscientific, that I will debate.  Hook my head up to a bunch of electrodes and watch my Pineal Gland fire and light up with every reading I do. That my friend is scientific data. (And yes, I’m intentionally making light of the definition of woo-woo. Somewhat.)

I could go on and on defending my trade, telling you all about the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I have invested in my work over the last 15 plus years.  But what I would rather do is to make one simple request.

For those of you who are Spirit workers please take a moment and think about what you do.  Are you:

  • Helping people make big shifts and changes in their lives?
  • Helping others navigate through grief?
  • Do encourage, support and help people through trauma, pain and suffering?
  • Do you offer comfort, compassion and encouragement to those who come to you?
  • Do you offer guidance and direction for those seeking a different way?

I do each and every one of those and more, and I don’t feel the need to devalue any of it based on the fact that I achieve those results by using skills that require having developed strong perceptual abilities.

I believe if we want our industry to be taken seriously it has to start with us.  I am a professional Spiritual Medium.  I am NOT, a practitioner of woo-woo.   I honor and respect the ageless wisdom of my trade and I hold that sacred.  I believe it is too valuable and important to disrespect all the good we do with such derogatory slang.  If you identify with the woo factor, I humbly request you abandon such a phrase and give your self a promotion. You have the right to be taken seriously, we all do.

Just say’n.

I love this work, and all the good that it brings, and that’s why it’s so important to me to help other practitioners grow and develop in a professional manner.  So if you are new to the industry, or just looking for a mentor that you can access when you need, please check out my Mentoring offer here. 

With all the love in my heart, I wish you all the best.