Today I am preparing to meet a new client; he has been referred to me by a friend.  All I know is that he is open to learning more about what I do, and that he is curious about connecting with Spirit.

As I wait for him to arrive I notice that outside, the dog and  cat have proceeded to pull out clumps of each others hair while doing battle for a sunny spot in front of my door.  So, I get my broom and step outside to sweep and clean the entrance before my client arrives.   Just as I start to lift the rug up I notice I’m not alone. A man in fatigues stands waiting by my door. I can see the army helmet, and combat boots.  I still get startled a little when loved ones pop in before my client, but I at least now know I have my connection. I say hello, finish sweeping, replace the rug and step back inside my office.  And so my day begins.

When spirit shows me things in this manner I know it means that I must stick with what I see.

After a brief introduction and some short pleasantries, we start.  I begin by describing exactly what I see.   “I see a man wearing  fatigues, holding a helmet, and sporting a really old pair of army boots.”  My client sits quietly.  I ask him if he has just lost someone in the war.  Nope.  I am again shown the army boots, but more emphatically now.  When spirit shows me things in this manner I know it means that I must stick with what I see.   Now I am shown an old army belt full of stuff, and more fatigue pants…and blood.  Lots of blood – on both hands, up to the elbow.  Lots of blood.  These are always hard visions to share with my client’s, but when Spirit uses that as a means of identification, then I know I must stick with it.  I casually say, “And now, I’m being shown blood on his hands, but I don’t feel pain.  Just a lot of blood”.  The connection is made.  My client recalls that his father in-law was an Army cardiac surgeon.  He had passed away several months prior to our meeting.

The rest of our session went very smoothly.  His father in-law had come through to help my client with  issues that had been troubling him.   were addressed through the loving guidance from his father in-law he left with clear guidance and a new perspective on the afterlife.  See what happens when you remain open and just show up?  Pretty cool.

Remain open to the possibilities…