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A gifted intuitive…

Maggie is a gifted intuitive with a strong desire to assist others. Her compassion fuels her abilities and makes her a very effective counselor and therapist. I have found her to be extremely dedicated to her craft and helping her clients.

Erin Pavlina – Intuitive Counselor & Teacher


Spot on and very helpful . . .

This was my first time seeing a Medium, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Maggie immediately made me feel safe and comfortable; it was a pretty amazing experience.   She was able to clearly describe and share things about my Grandmother that only I would know.  The guidance and information that was shared was so spot on and very helpful in trying to help my family deal with current family situation.  I am so grateful for her insight, and look forward to seeing her again in the future.

Charyl B – Santa Rosa, Ca


Accurate and true  . . .

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. I came away not only having been touched by the miracle of communications with loved ones passed, but with the knowledge and belief that these individuals are with me and accessible at all times. After coming home, I followed up on some of the points you made that I couldn’t confirm in session. Each one of them panned out to be accurate and true. Thank you for allowing me to take with me your notes & drawings, as well as the CD recording of our session. I otherwise would have forgotten some important points of conversation that I can now look back on with further insight.

Jennifer H – Windsor, CA


True and authentic  . . .

I highly recommend Maggie, she is truly a gifted medium. She is kind, compassionate, insightful and very helpful. She was able to provide the answers I had been looking for which guided me on my right path. Her ability to connect with my daughter who had passed, was definitely true and authentic. She was able to accurately validate situations and experiences that I experienced with my daughter and then give insight and clarity so that I could begin to heal. Her ability to see those moments that I shared with my daughter when she was in the hospital and then give me specific messages from Kim was amazing and very healing.

Maggie is also a wonderful teacher. She taught me how to deal with and remove negative energy which in turn, gave me the power to begin to heal myself. She goes the extra mile – 2 weeks after my reading she received another message from my daughter and made sure I received it. Not only did she send me the message, but also some roses which had very special meaning between my daughter and myself. Maggie naturally provides comfort and is truly a caring person. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I am now stronger.

Toni T.- Healdsburg, CA


Has given me just what I need to move ahead  . . .

I cannot tell you how helpful the reading was for me. It answered all the questions that have literally plagued me for months now. It brought me a level of understanding, peace, and lightness that I have not been able to obtain for a long time. I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for you – and continue to be so. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for that gift. It has given me just what I need to move ahead…

Tina N. – Atlanta, Georgia


Feel a sense of clarity and direction . . .

Thank you for the wonderful reading. It is truly remarkable how the information you presented resonated within me. You addressed everything that had been weighing on my mind. I now feel a sense of clarity and direction in my life that I had been searching for. Thank you for giving me that step forward. It really was an amazing experience.”
Kim R. – Vacaville, CA


A road map to my well being . . .

In the beginning I was in shock and didn’t realize it. When the full impact of my loss really hit me quite a while after the funeral services, I thought I was lost, that my loneliness would never end and my pain never would heal. My recovery is due to the magnanimous gifts of one talented healer, Maggie Scrobonia. There is no doubt in my mind that my beloved came through Maggie to give me assurance, encouragement and strength. We talked about dreams, we explored positive outcomes, we found beauty even in sadness. It made all the difference in the world to create a ‘road map’ to my well-being. I can do it now, I can go forward. Thank you Maggie

Abby W. – Tallahassee, Florida


An incredibly accurate reading . . .

I want to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to give me a reading…in fact yours was an incredibly accurate reading. I was so impressed with what you were able to tell me about my past, present and what lies ahead in my future. You identified people, places and activities that only one other person aside from myself would know about…and with such clarity! Even identifying my neck injury and suggesting physical activities that would help relieve my constant pain. They were along the same line as my pain management doctors prescribed but more fun and geared toward what I would actually stick to doing. So thank you, thank you, thank you! This was a very exciting experience for me as it validates the good choices I have made in the past and are contemplating for the future. Awesome Job!!! I will definitely recommend you to family and friends or anyone who is looking for honest accurate responses…and I’m sure you will hear more from me in the future. Again, Thank you.

Kim B. – Loomis, CA


Helped clarify my path forward . . .

I found myself challenged in three main areas of my life; career, family and personal – and was beginning to feel I had run out of resources. Consulting an intuitive was next on my list and since distance was a factor, a phone consultation seemed to be my only option. I was skeptical about not meeting in person, but Maggie’s insight and nurturing personality immediately put me at ease. The logical process she used in her reading led to an incredibly accurate evaluation of what I was dealing with and the helpful recommendations provided to me I still use today. Maggie’s insight helped clarify my path forward and I am grateful for her willingness to share her gift.

Sue H. – Pleasanton, CA


“Right on” with her insights . . .

My meeting and work with Maggie was amazing. She was ‘right on’ with her insights and brought to light within my vision (literally) those things that were peeking out from my subconscious – clarifying and supporting my own intuition. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her abilities to anyone who is compelled to explore their inner self, in hopes to understand more deeply the hidden truths within that could make life more rich and satisfying.

Barbara S – Cloverdale, CA


So grateful and thankful . . .

Before I had my session with Maggie, I was stressed out – I had just learned I would be starting a new job and I had so many uncompleted projects I was afraid the session might take up my “precious” time. How wrong I was! Maggie actually gave me something more precious – she gave me insight into the anger and hurt I had been holding onto, but was unaware of. Going inward and thoroughly understanding those feelings , gave rise to new thoughts and realizations. Soon after my session, I began to make association between situations in my life and those emotions. I have now been able to understand them at a much deeper level, move through them and am living a more productive and happy life. I am so grateful and thankful for what Maggie has brought forward for me to see and look at.

Cindy M. – Northern California


Clear direction for my future . . .

Prior to my session with you I was feeling lost and anxious. I felt that I had exhausted all my resources and did not know which way to turn for guidance. After my session, I immediately felt that I had peace of mind and that I had clear direction for my future. You were able to point out areas in my life where I stumble, and then guide me back on the right path. You gave me the answers I had been looking for. I sincerely appreciate your time. Thank you Maggie.

Erin H. – Sacramento, CA


Amazed and grateful. . .

I am so amazed and grateful. I was doubting myself and was losing faith. When you arrived to deliver my roses  (remember I asked my Mom to “send” me some flowers) they could have not come at a better time with everything going on. Thank you for being such a great messenger of light and love. You will never know how much it meant to me as mere words are not enough. And I love that they were all red as that is true love…still what I feel every day from my Mom.

Holly H. – Sonoma County, CA


An amazing experience . . .

Thank you so very much, I am so glad that I found you! What an amazing experience yesterday’s reading was. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! I am looking forward to my next session with you!

Christy W. – Santa Rosa, CA


Can’t thank you enough . . .

I just can’t tell you how much you helped me the other day. I am now able to sleep, and I feel so much better – I’m “not in my head” any more. You truly have a wonderful gift. My session was soooooo what I needed. I can’t thank you enough.

Nancy A.- Forestville CA


Very accurate at what she does…

Maggie has a great soul and is a wonderful person.  I live in Spain and I would only trust her to do my readings.  It was a great experience and I absolutely recommend her.  She is very accurate at what she does.

Victoria M – Spain


Haven’t been able to stop thinking about it…

Thank you so very much!  What a gift yesterdays experience was.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it!  I’d love to come back at some point soon!

Kristi W – Northern California


I can already feel a huge difference…

My journey into aligning my mind, body, and spirit has just begun with Maggie. I can already tell you I can feel a huge difference. I can feel a shift starting, a change. A much needed one. She is wonderful. Her calm and down to earth approach has been most rewarding to me. I get nervous in most situations but not with Maggie. She has a way of opening herself up that makes you feel like you can do the same. I do believe it takes a very special person to do this.

Kim S – Healdsburg, Ca


A wonderful resource…

Yes!  Maggie is a wonderful resource to our world.  I am grateful for her heart work.

Benji W – Baltimore, Md


Able to answer my questions…

I have personally used Maggie for a few years now. I can say she is truly wonderful. In my reading she was able to answer some questions about loved ones who have moved on. I try to go in at least once a year for a check up! I strongly recommend her!

Cindy C – Healdsburg, Ca

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