“So, how does it work?”

This is  a question I am most frequently asked.   “How do you ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ spirit?”

My answer is quite simple:  It all comes down to energy.

The concept of energy is a pretty simple one, and the majority of us have a basic understanding of it.  Things such as atoms, electrons, positive and negative energy flows, currents and the rate and speed of energy.  These are the things that we ALL have in common; plants, animals, humans, physical forms and spiritual forms.   We are all just energy flowing at different rates and speeds.


How does that apply to perceiving spiritual energy?

I explain it like this:  We as living being have 2 energy forms, one nestled within another.

First, is our physical body which of course is made up of constantly moving atoms and molecules. As these particles move they are creating matter, or our physical body.   We are, simply put, “dense” vibrating energy ( and yes, pun intended).

Secondly, we have a soul.  It resides within us and it too is energy, however it is moving at a much greater speed.  Its vibration rate is very fast compared to that of our physical body.  Each of us then in actuality are 2 energy bodies.

During the phase in our physical existence, when we “transform” ourselves through the process  we call death, the slower energy form, our body, dies off  and stops working leaving our soul, or faster vibrating body.

Because of the rate of vibration is so fast it is not held to the same laws of physics we apply to our everyday existence here on earth.  This vibrating soul has the ability to move freely since it doesn’t have to deal with its “dense” counterpart anymore.

Whether I am connecting to a soul who has already transitioned or crossed over,  during a medium reading, or providing an Intuitive consultation , I am seeing, reading and working with those energy forms.

Can anyone see this energy?

Yes, we all have the ability to perceive this energy.  We all, deep down in our being, know where we come from and what we all are, however many of us have lost touch with that knowledge.  It can be regained by learning how to quiet our minds through meditation, and learning how to trust what we feel, hear and see.

I have chosen to develop my skills to be able to perceive this energy; learning to understand the symbolic communication of the soul so that I can be of service to others.   It is however, just as available to anyone who wishes to make the connection for themselves.

And that my friends is the foundation for how it works – As I See It.

You can contact Maggie at: mag@aligntowellness.com  if you have questions or to schedule an appointment.

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