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Please select the type of reading you would like. After your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. We will then schedule the most convenient time for your Phone or In-Person Reading. Phone readings and recordings are available for all sessions, except Group Readings.


Mediumship Readings

I will connect to the world of Spirit, opening the doors for you to receive messages from your loved ones. Remember that while you may have a specific person you wish to contact, your loved ones on the other side determine what messages you most need to hear. Mediumship Reading: $225


Intuitive Consultations

There are several different ways to receive intuitive guidance. Each one has it’s own special purpose and benefits.

Wellness Plan

This is a comprehensive reading that will review your chakra system (energetic body) which I will be checking for imbalances and the overall health and wellness of your energetic self. The Wellness plan also will include an intuitive/psychic look into the 7 key areas in your life: physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, career, finances and your environment. Tools and techniques to bring about alignment and wellness are offered as appropriate. There will be time for discussion and questions at the end of your reading. An audio recording is provided.
Wellness session: $350

Connect and Coach

A very effective way to receive a combination of Intuitive guidance with grounded coaching. I will connect with your Guides and Higher Self to help you find the answers you need to assist you along your journey. This is a very effective way to work through difficult situations or issues that may have you feeling stuck or unsure of what is the best course of action in order to move forward in life. Your guides are always here to assist you, but sometimes we need a little help to hear what they are saying.. This is a great way to begin to understand your own intuitive self and receive some coaching to move you towards a happier more balanced life. Coaching Session: $225

Angel Guidance

As a Certified Angel Card Reader, I will use Doreen Virtue’s, Angel Oracle Deck. This uplifting and positive tool is used so you may receive specific messages from your guides and angels. We all have loving angelic beings that work to guide us along our path, each anxious to provide assistance as we need. Let me help you understand and receive their loving guidance. Angel Guidance Session: $125


Group Sessions

If you are interested in a group reading, please contact me and I will be happy to arrange that with you.
Group size: 6-10 people. It is my desire to make a connection for each participant. However, there are times when that does not occur. Therefore, I must remind you, in a group setting, I can not guarantee everyone a personal message. No Audio recording provided. Clients must contact Maggie to arrange a group session.
Group Session: $40 per person

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