I just completed the last bit of unfinished business from 2012.  It was an email response I should have had done in December.  It has been weighing on my mind on and off for a month.  The reason I share this is because I didn’t realized how much it was keeping me focused on the past, until I hit the send button.  I immediately felt complete.  It was if I could breathe easier and finally let go of all the events from last year.

Here is my question to you:  Do you have any unfinished business from 2012 you need to complete so that you can move into 2013 with a clean slate?

I realize that not everything from last year can be shut down and then a magical newness will occur. That’s not what I’m suggesting.  What I’m talking about are those tedious little tidbits of things you knew you had to, or wanted to follow through on but didn’t.  Emails, letters, bills that should have been sent out 2 weeks ago, signing up for that special class you want to take but you just never got around to it, telling that special someone you love them – things you were meaning to do but just never got around to.

This is an incredible time in history to be alive.

Yes, we as humans have a lot of suffering and disharmony all around us, and yes, it seems as if mother earth is changing her shoes to fit a new outfit almost daily.  (Please don’t ask me where that analogy came from! I have no clue.)  But, I also know from a spiritual view point that we are in a really powerful and transformative time in our lives.  It is a time in life that what we choose to focus on becomes our reality quicker than it ever has before.   It is like the “Ask and ye shall receive” on steroids.  Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

By wrapping up our past, even those simple little action items,  it creates room for newness.

I suggest you clean up leftovers from last year so that you too can embrace 2013 for all it has to offer.  Set those intentions for prosperity in all aspects of your life.  Welcome prosperity in love, in your relationships, in finances, in your career, in creativity.  Spend a moment thinking about how you, as an individual can help create more harmony in your life. If we each start with cleaning up ourselves, then those who we connect with will benefit as well.  If we start at home with ourselves, then we can have a greater impact on our communities and our world.

Grateful to wrap up 2012 .