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Credentials & Achievements

• Professional Intuitive Training 
   with Erin Pavlina
• Angel Card Certification
   with Doreen Virtue
   Radleigh Valentine
• Astrology & Metaphysical Training 
   with Astrologer Smitty Wermuth, N.CA
• State of CA, Licensed & Registered  
   Occupational Therapist, B.S.
• Certified Myofascial Release Therapist
   trained by John F.Barnes, P.T.
• Massage Therapist
• Published Author


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Simply put, Telehealth is receiving therapeutic rehab over the phone or internet.  It can encompass all aspects of your treatment from the initial evaluation, to weekly implementation to follow up after care.  It does depend on a clients specific issue they are needing help with, and the support they have at home if assisted activities or exercises are necessary. It is most convenient for those folks who are unable to drive to the office or who live a distance from my location and are focusing more on an issue that will utilize Counseling/Coaching services.


I do not currently contract with any insurance provider.  I am happy to provide you with a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company.

Therapeutic Massage is a manual technique that can be used in conjunction with other Occupational Therapy practices to help you regain function in your daily life.  If you and your physician determine that OT services are required, then most often your physician will prescribe those services for you.  I always suggest that if you are considering reimbursement through your insurance call them first and see what information they will require.


Each treatment session is an hour in duration. I like to spend more time treating my clients and less time shuffling papers so that you can receive the maximum benefits of longer treatments.  Your first session may run a little longer as we will spend time evaluating your needs, discussing what you feel you would like change or achieve, and  establishing your treatment goals.

No, I offer phone sessions as well.  It is just as easy for me to connect over the phone as it is in person.  I am connecting with energy, and energy has no limits.

Yes, all sessions  except group sessions have the ability to be recorded.   For phone sessions you will be guided to use a conference call system where you will receive a digital download shortly after our call has ended, and for in person sessions you will receive an audio CD to take with you.

Please call or send me an email and I will be in contact within 24 hours.

For Therapy Sessions:

If you wish to submit an invoice for your services to your insurance company I like to recommend that you call them first and see what you may need to provide them.  That way you are clear whether they will or will not reimburse you, and at what rate you will be reimbursed.   Please wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to feel better when we are done!

For Spiritual Work:

For the most part just relax and remain open to the messages that will be coming through. Staying positive and mindful of what you wish to achieve during your session will help as well.  If you are receiving a reading over the phone, please find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during your reading.

Unfortunately no.   My door width measures only  to 27 inches.  On the average, the standard wheelchair accessible door width is 32 inches.

I accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal,  personal check and cash.

I am currently offering an online scheduling system.  You can take care of your payment and schedule your appointment all at the same time.  If you are having difficulty using the system, please feel free to email me and I will contact you within 24 hours.

No, it is not necessary to meet in person in order to receive an accurate phone reading. Being able to communicate with spirit is actually very easy to do over the phone since I am connecting to the energy of your loved ones.  That energy source has no boundaries and is always accessible.

It is a 3 step process for me. First, I begin with meditation.  This will help me  shut down my analytical mind and open up my perceptive mind.  Second, I focus on raising my energetic vibration to higher rates which will begin to match that of Spirit energy.  Lastly, I open myself up to be a channel for that higher vibrating energy.  When I match that vibration the information flows through me and out to you.

Absolutely.  We are all born with the same potential to communicate with spirit, but not everyone has the desire to learn.  Communicating with spirit is an ability that like everything else, one has to learn the techniques, then practice and use the tools and skills to become proficient.

If you have specific questions that you would like to address in your reading then yes, please have them available; however it is not necessary.   You may ask questions in any reading at any time.