Interested in a Reading?  Here are some things I’d like to share.

Being able to connect with Spirit is one of my greatest joys, and one of my greatest responsibilities.  I consider myself to be an advocate for Spirit and I do my very best to bring their messages into tangible form so that their voice can be heard, and their love can be felt.    Below I’ve listed some basic guidelines to help make your reading successful.  I offer in person, over the phone and group readings.

The Barton Angel by Lise Rubarth


Do you need help getting closure after the death of a family member or a friend?

Are you curious about the afterlife and want to expand your knowledge?

Are you looking for extra guidance and support from those in the Spirit world?

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Whatever your reasons are for seeking a spiritual experience, these are a few basic things you should know.

  1. I am just a messenger. It is my job to tell you exactly what I see, hear and feel. Your job as the receiver is to remain as open as possible.
  2. This is your life. It is your path and your loved one’s journey.  You must always remember you have FREE WILL, and you should never give that up to anyone.
  3. Spirit will speak to me in symbolic language, and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what something may mean.  Be patient and willing to think ‘outside the box’ for the deeper meaning and connection.  I may be shown a Bluebird, and I communicate that to you.  It may not be in reference to a bird at all, but rather that you once lived on Bluebird Drive.  The more open you can remain the deeper and more healing messages you can receive.
  4. While you may be coming to connect with a specific person, someone else may show up instead.  I don’t have control over who comes through.  I can tell you this though – our loved ones on the other side know exactly what we need to hear in order to move into a happier healthier way of being.  We just need to listen.
  5. A reading will last for about 1 hour however I am available by email for my clients for clarification or deeper understanding if necessary afterwards.  It takes a while to process things sometimes, and I want to assure you that I will be there to support you along the way if necessary.
  6. I am committed to my calling.  I will work hard for both you and your Spirit family to provide you with the most satisfactory experience you can have.


If you are interested in hosting  a small group (8-10 people) please contact me either via email or phone; I am happy to schedule within Sonoma and Napa Counties at this time.