“Today I taught someone that they were more than just a physical body. I helped them connect with the essence of who they truly are, which allowed them to begin to process the connection between their physical pain and their emotional blocks. Now they are on a path to begin to process and release those issues so they can begin to live into a more purpose driven life.”

“What matters most to you?’ is the first question I will be asking you when we begin working together.

“What limits you from doing this?” will be the next.

As an OT it is my job to help you eliminate the barriers and blocks that may be preventing you from living your most joyful, beautiful, pain free, purpose driven life.

Treatment Room

The Treatment Room

It does not matter how old you are or what you might be dealing with; as an OT I look at what you want to achieve, where you currently are in your life, then take a holistic approach to resolving those issues.   Whether they are physical limitations, cognitive impairments, psycho-social limitations or a depleted spiritual connections; it is my job to help you identify the problem and then resolve the issue so that you can become balanced and in alignment with your greater being. The tools and techniques will vary depending on your main reason for seeking treatment.

The mind / body/ spirit connection is essential; you cannot fully treat one without encompassing the other.



Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)  is a very gentle and subtle hands on therapy which specifically treats the many layers of the connective tissue system.  It has multiple benefits;  first and foremost it gets to the root cause of dysfunction and chronic pain.

The therapist is specifically trained to feel into the connective tissue system with gentle pressure; allowing the tissue to soften – following it into the deeper core layers of tissue tension and dysfunction.  The softening and unwinding of the connective tissue allows the body to realign itself back in to a more natural state.   Not only will it correct biomechanical dysfunction but once it is aligned it helps to integrate the energetic and spiritual bodies as well.

IMT is very effective for:

  • Acute and chronic pain management
  • Biomechanical dysfunction
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Neurological dysfunction
  • Supports general health and wellness by creating optimal body system function