I’m inspired today to write about forgiveness.  I think we often forget the importance and power behind this very simple, yet deeply complex act.  Most of us have been involved in a situation where we feel we have been hurt or wronged by someone, and that some form of forgiveness is required.

Some of us have been deeply hurt physically, emotionally, or spiritually and our very survival depends on whether or not we can forgive so that we can move on.  For others, the wounds are so deep they can’t even make the connection between forgiveness and right action – it seems as if payback is the only option.

Forgiveness is a powerful act.  yellow rose of forgivenss

It is something I encourage many clients to start with, or to become aware of, when they are beginning the stages of self growth and personal transformation.  Many times the most complex problems are brought into light by starting with the simple act of forgiveness.

The two main types of forgiveness of course are: forgiveness of self, and forgiveness of others.

The concept of forgiving others for what you perceive to be their wrong doing is obvious, but it tends to be more difficult to make the connection to forgive oneself when we feel we have been wronged.

”Why in the world would I need to forgive myself?” you ask.  “What’s the point in that, if I’m the one that has been wronged?”

In order to completely energetically heal a situation we need to understand that any thought, feeling or action that is in a negative tone effects our personal vibration.  If we hold on to these “feelings and actions”, in essence we are dragging ourselves down and are not in alignment with all that we can be.

A simple prayer I recommend to help bring awareness to this form of healing is the followings:

Dear God: (or insert who you pray to)

I forgive (name of person who wronged you) for (the act of wrong doing).

I forgive myself for (how you reacted to the wrong doing).

I am grateful for (a positive outcome or something you learned about yourself by having this experience)

I ask now that you heal all negative thoughts and feelings so that I can move forward in alignment with who I truly am.


Here is a silly, simple little example, however please understand that the more intense the wrong doing the more power behind the prayer.

Dear God:

I forgive Pat for telling all my co-workers that I took money from the office account when she was the one who stole it. I forgive myself for calling her so many bad names and putting up that poster of her in the lunch room calling her a thief. I am grateful for this experience, because I now understand the importance of getting all the office checks co-signed so it does not happen again.  I ask now that you heal all negative thoughts and feelings so that I can move forward in alignment with who I truly am.


One last thing:  I know that there are some acts of wrong doing that just don’t seem as if the “forgive myself” apply.  Those unspeakable acts of crime where victims are left in turmoil, lives seemingly shattered.   I have seen and spoken to enough people who unfortunately have had these types of experiences and this is what usually falls into that spot for them.

“I forgive myself for not believing that I was strong enough to deal with this situation”, or “I forgive myself for feeling that same level of hatred toward the person who did me wrong.”

By understanding how we hold these emotions into our being we can change how we choose to raise our vibration and rise above it, allowing forgiveness to be the platform for personal growth and spiritual development.

Take Action:  While the above activity is very helpful, obviously getting professional help during difficult times is most valuable.  Even the strongest person will have challenging moments where that extra perspective is invaluable. Choosing to seek outside counseling and get the  support needed will help you move through difficult times with greater clarity and greater speed.  If you are looking for some extra support to help you through a difficult situation please reach out to me.  I am happy to assist you if I can, or help you find the best support system to meet your needs.

In love and light~