Would you like to learn more about Spirit communication or maybe fine-tune your already awesome ability to connect?

Then, read on because mentoring may be for you!

We all have an innate ability to see, hear and feel Spirit. I am no different then you are, really!  (I promise.)  However, one of the things that does  impact our ability, is whether or not we choose to engage it in a focused intentional manner.

Whether you are interested in gaining more experience for your own personal use, or whether you are looking to share your gifts with the world, there are some fundamental skills and techniques that should be utilized so that your skills are being put to good use.

  • Do you need to sign up for a lengthy and costly program?  My experience is no, I do not think you need to.
  • Do I think you need understand some of the fundamentals of working with energy?  YES, absolutely.
  • Do I think you need to learn the moral and ethical aspects of working with Spirit?  Again, YES, absolutely.

And YES, I absolutely know it can be achieved (with great success by the way), with an:


Mentoring with me looks like this: Your topic, your schedule, your specific need.  Yes it’s simple but it’s also very effective because it allows you to learn and process information in real time using your “real life” experiences.

So, if you are:

  • Unsure you are sensing Spirit, but you want to learn how, then this is for you.
  • Looking for support in an existing spiritual practice but have limited financial resources to invest, then this is for you.
  • Finding yourself occasionally ‘stumped’ by an energetic or spiritual principle, but you know in general you’re on the right path, then this is for you.
  • Limited on time and don’t have a schedule that allows for a lengthy appointment, then this is for you.

These one hour phone sessions are convenient, effective and geared to meet your specific needs.

Sign up for your mentoring session now.

While I love working with people one on one, I also feel very committed to supporting the growth and development of other practitioners too.  I know from personal experience how expensive training programs are, and how difficult getting access other skilled  psychic/ intuitive/mediums can be. I can’t tell you how many times I simply wanted  to speak with someone else in the trade to discuss best practices, review approaches or validate my experiences without having to schedule a full reading for myself.

That’s why I’ve chosen to provide these individual mentoring sessions.  This is an opportunity for you to take control of our time together and get your specific questions answered.

Not sure what you’d ask? Here are just a few examples of some topics that may come up:

  • Trying to better understand how you perceive Spirit. Are you hearing them? Seeing them? Feeling them?
  • Are you new to working with Spirit and just need some advice on where and how to start?
  • Learning more about symbolic language and how Spirit uses it to communicate with us.
  • Reviewing a reading that you gave someone else and answering any unresolved questions about your delivery.
  • Reviewing ethical and moral questions regarding your services and problem solving specific interactions with a client.
  • Questions about energy clearing and balancing your personal space to best support your practice.

I have spent literally hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over the last 20 years learning and practicing my trade in order to be the best I could be.  I have a wealth of information  to share with you and I’d love to help you get the information you’re looking for.

Please note:  These 1 hour phone sessions ARE NOT for personal reading questions. This is a time to specifically support you in your practice and skill development.  If you are looking for personal questions please select a reading instead.