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Business Philosophy

I believe that the connection between mind, body and spirit is essential to achieving a happier, healthier life. Combining my psychic medium abilities with my clinical skills allows me to be the perfect instrument for your growth; assisting you to facilitate your healing process and then educate and train you how to ignite all those facets of yourself into the powerful person you are meant to be.

Whether you are dealing physical pain syndromes, emotional distress or a sense of feeling lost spiritually, I can help you find comfort and peace.


My philosophy for how I run my business is simple: Honor & respect all beings equally & treat others as I wish to be treated.

I aim to provide you with quality, individualized personal care and I am committed to giving you the best customer service I can in the process. You will have my undivided attention every time we speak because your well-being is very important to me.

My passion and purpose is to help others heal; I offer you my skills and knowledge from years of clinical experience, as well as sharing my personal experiences regarding my own healing journey in order to better serve you.


Personal Philosophy

In the grand scheme of things, this here life is pretty darn short.  I strive each day to bring a little bit of joy into the world and I try not to take life so seriously.  I am a constant work in progress and I am learning to love my quirks and accept myself for who I am.  It is with this attitude that I embrace what comes before me each new day.

Sparkle, shine and bring it on!Maggie Laughing

How it Works

Step One: Choose a session.

Step Two: Make your payment through the secure PayPal system. You do not need a PayPal account to make this transaction.

Step Three: Once you make your payment, you will receive a confirmation
email from me. At that point, we will work together to schedule a date and time for your reading.

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Credentials & Achievements

• Professional Intuitive Training 
   with Erin Pavlina
• Angel Card Certification
   with Doreen Virtue
   Radleigh Valentine
• Astrology & Metaphysical Training 
   with Astrologer Smitty Wermuth, N.CA
• State of CA, Licensed & Registered  
   Occupational Therapist, B.S.
• Certified Myofascial Release Therapist
   trained by John F.Barnes, P.T.
• Massage Therapist
• Published Author


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