As long as I can recall I have had the ability to perceive Spirit; but to me that was just life.  I had no idea that not everyone ‘felt’ things as intensely as I did or ‘knew’ things in advance like I seemed to. I hadn’t really considered the fact that not everyone entertained themselves with imaginary friends as much as I did, or that when I talked to ‘myself’ I was actually having full on conversations with Spirit.  Yeah, growing up was interesting for sure.

It has taken me some time to truly understand my world, and then to trust the spiritual guidance to bring this aspect of myself in to a more public light.   I’m so glad I listened, and that I can now share my abilities to help others and work for the greater good.   I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and an empath, so learning to manage and control all that energy and information and then make sense of it all has been my greatest challenge.

I have come to understand that Spirit is always working with us and for us in so many different ways; I am so grateful when I can be a voice for it.  It is my greatest honor and joy when I can connect someone with Spirit – whether it is family/friends, spirit guides or the angelic realm. I believe the healing messages they provide are the key to true health and wellness.Crystal Heart

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University (1989). I am Licensed in California and Registered Nationally and have maintained this status for over 25 years. Over the course of my career, I have acquired experience in many different areas of health care industry: acute care, long-term care, out-patient clinics, home health settings and private consulting. It was the accumulation of all of these experiences that brought me to open my private practice.

In 1997 I became certified in Therapeutic Massage, and in 2004 added an additional certification in Myofascial Release. I find both of these techniques invaluable when treating clients with acute and chronic pain syndromes often affecting their ability to participate in their daily lives.

My interest in Energy Medicine and Metaphysics began in 2007 after dealing with a personal health crisis that western medicine couldn’t seem to identify and/or help me resolve. The more I learned for my personal healing, the more I realized the value these tools could have for my clients. My deeper understanding of the principles of Quantum Physics, Reiki, Neurofascial Processing and the power of utilizing my intuition helped me gain greater perspective on the Mind/Body/Spirit connection as it applies to our overall health and wellness.

By deepening my skills and understanding in both Traditional Rehabilitation, Energy Medicine and Spirit Communication I have come to this delightful conclusion: Our souls inherently know how to be well, and we hold a very ancient memory in our body as to how to achieve that state of well-being. We also inherently know what our purpose is here on earth, but over time that becomes clouded. On those occasions when we become ill, or “dis-eased”, it is necessary to receive help in order to regain our balance, to become Aligned to Wellness.

It is my pleasure to be a channel for Spirit, and to help you connect, hear and understand the messages so that you can heal any imbalance that you may be holding. Be open to the possibility~ you may just be very surprised with your potential for greatness.

In love and light,

Maggie (signature)