Several days ago I saw something on TV that really upset me; and yes, I do understand that can happen when you’re watching in the middle of the day.  This show however hit close to home which is why I think it is still bothering me.  The program is called: Psychic Kids.

This is what has me so upset:  the story line of this program is based on children and teens all that have a strong natural ability to communicate with Spirit.  Each episode tells the story of a child and their journey in experiencing Spirit and how they learn to deal with their gifts.  They are being guided by adults who are skilled psychic mediums who teach them how to understand what they see and feel.

This is a great premise and a fabulous opportunity for educating our society about energy and all things of spiritual nature.  Where this show went wrong was by of course, adding all the spooky TV drama meant to boost their ratings. Scary dark music, haunted houses and creepy dark rooms; after 2 minutes of watching this program it had ME freaked out, and I work with Spirits for a living!  I can’t imagine how it might make a young person feel.   This seemed to me to be totally irresponsible and misleading and in my opinion just feeding the stereotype that many of us professional psychics, mediums and intuitives are trying to break.

Yes, there are places where it is known Spirits reside.  Can they be seen and felt during the day in the light without the spooky music.  Heck yeah.  Do we have to call them ‘haunted houses’?  No.    Can’t they just be labeled as places that have ‘excess’ spiritual energy?  Why do these kids have to learn in the dark?  This I know for sure: there are just as many spirits in Safeway on a Monday morning as there are in haunted houses in the dark. Trust me.

Spiritual energy is the most natural energy there is.  We are, after all just spiritual energy enjoying this life a physical body.  Why on earth would that need to be perceived as anything spooky?  Plain and simple, it doesn’t.  I hope that someday, our culture will be able to grasp the idea that this is just a natural part of who we are and begin to share the joy of being with our spiritual families.  It really is freaking fantastic!

If you have a child or know of a young adult that may have questions about their gifts or abilities, please let them know that first, it is a very normal thing they are experiencing and second, there is nothing to be afraid of.  To help manage those abilities seek advice and learn tools and techniques from a reliable and respectable professional so that it becomes a natural and fun part of life.     Please know that I am here to assist you in that journey if you need.  I can be reached at

Supporting our Spiritual Future – As I See It