red heartI love hearts.   After sitting here for 2 hours trying to create the most catchy opening sentence, this is what I’ve come up with.  I love hearts.  Of course, that isn’t solely what I want to convey, it is merely a simple opening to a much bigger thought process that has been bubbling beneath the surface of my soul for several months now.  I think more specifically what I would like to address is, Where did all the love go?’  I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist, but for goodness sake people, put away the hate and bring on a little more love!

As I began to deeply ponder this question, an odd thing began to happen – I began to see more hearts, everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE, all the time.  So much so that I could no longer ignore their presence in my life.  I had to stop and ask myself,  What are you trying to get me to see Universe? Why, now, are you showing up? What exactly is it you’d like me to understand?  

So, after some deep contemplation, some gentle spiritual guidance and a little bit of courage, this is what I’ve decided to do: Open my heart to you by sharing my story, insights, knowledge and a little bit of hard earned wisdom about my relationship with these beautiful hearts. Personally, I think we need to see more ‘hearts’ in our lives and truly appreciate them for all the symbolic and physical wonderfulness they can offer us.   Not only do I think we need to be surrounded by more hearts, but of course ultimately what the heart stands for which is way more happiness, more gratitude and love, love, love! Don’t you?

The first thing I  love about the “Heart” is that it keeps me alive.  Every beat it decides to grant me, means I get another moment to experience this here life…even when it’s super hard and seems almost unbearable.

The second thing I love about the heart is that it is a universal symbol that I’m pretty confident in saying, most people recognize.  So what that means is that it can bridge almost any cultural/political/religious gap.  And I think that’s pretty cool.

For me, I have a unique relationship with heart shapes.  Like I said, I find them everywhere, all the time. I believe they are heavenly sent gifts as little reminders to stop and pay closer attention to what’s going on around me.  To take a moment and feel the love.  Most times, that love feels like it comes straight from the Divine.  A little pop up side my head that says, “Hey!  Here’s a little gift for you. Stop right now and embrace the joy and beauty of what you are experiencing, and remember…you are loved.”

Recently, they have become so much more important to me.  They have become a symbol of hope and reflection; an opportunity to remain and engage in the present moment.

I, like you, have had – am having – and will have my struggles; and these little heart shape wonders just seem to show up when I need them most.  They provide me with insights, inspiration and a deep sense of faith that ultimately everything is going to be just fine.  I am sure that many of you may have other symbols that enter just when you need them.  Some of you may see a butterfly, dragonfly, hummingbird or hawk swoop by just at the perfect time.  Others may find feathers, coins or a specific gemstone; all little heavenly gifts sent to help us along the way.

So this is where I’ll begin sharing my heart with you.  This is the first of many stories to come.  My hope is that by sharing them you may: feel a little love when you are feeling lost and alone; maybe see things from a different perspective when things seems out of alignment with what they should be; and possibly even offer support for you when  you need it most.  And, if all else fails maybe these Finding My Heart blog posts will just make you laugh a little bit.

Because ultimately when you smile and feel joy you raise your vibration.  When you raise your vibration you function more from a place of light and love, and God knows – our world needs all the love and light we can get.

With all that said, lets begin –

Stop and smell the roses.

dsc_0008Finding my heart in a rose from my garden~

I love roses.  My parents had an amazing rose garden; I grew up learning to enjoy the unique beauty in every blossom and appreciate the differences that each variety held. This one is called Ingrid Bergman.  I did not Photoshop this photo, this is exactly how I discovered it in my garden.  I recall the exact day that I stumbled upon it; it was not one of my better days.  It was a time when I was engulfed in chaos, pain, and so many difficult decisions to make. Just getting out of bed seemed to be a chore that day, but there I was down in the rose garden as if being guided there without my conscious awareness.

Both of my parents have passed and are joyfully living on the other side; but on this cool day in May I undoubtedly felt their presence.  I knew in an instant that they were surrounding me letting me know everything would be alright.  And you know what?

It is.

Finding My Heart ~ The Beginning.