Here is my question for you today:  Do you hear the Voice within?

Each of us has been given a wonderful gift; the ability to connect and hear that special Voice within.  Some call it God or Source, or you may know it as Universal Energy or the Collective Consciousness. It is our inner intuition that we all have deep within.    Whatever label you choose to give it, the purpose is the same; it is here to gently guide us in our journey here on earth. The trick however is to remind ourselves that we have this gift and then give ourselves permission to slow down enough and become still enough to hear it.   The funny thing is, if you ignore it long enough, you’ll find that this inner Voice has a way of getting your attention anyway, but  by that time the experience usually will not be so subtle.  Learning to listen to the Voice within is so very important.

What prevents you from hearing this Voice?

  • Is it a heavy work schedule?
  • Are you too busy with family obligations or financial worry?
  • Are emotions of anger and frustration blocking your ability to hear?
  • Do you feel the need to control something you have no control over?

These are just a few potential situations that can block or stop you from hearing that inner guidance – that Voice within.

Slowing down is easier said than done for most of us.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of time to go into a 30 minute quiet meditation every day.  Often just trying to create that time adds one more bit of stress to my life.  I discovered that I needed to find a shortcut that I could use to help me on those hectic days when I needed to ‘hear’  and follow that inner voice the most.   Here are a few of my tricks I use on those very busy days:

  1. Setting my intention for the day during my morning shower.  I imagine those things that are causing me stress just washing down the drain as the water runs over me.  I then simply think to myself, “Today I am in alignment with all that is good.  I am open to being guided today.”
  2. Closing my eyes for a moment, taking one deep breath and focusing my attention on my solar plexus.  When I’m  not listening to my inner voice, I often feel a sense of anxiety or internal discontent.  By simply focusing my attention to that area of my body I am instantly reconnected to my voice, and a sense of calm quickly returns.
  3. Finding something beautiful to look at.  Whether it is a photo, a flower or a beautiful scenic view; stopping to embrace the beauty takes me out of my head and into the voice within.  Every time.

These are just a few simple and effective techniques to help you connect to your inner voice; I hope you find them useful.  If you are interested in learning more or if you have any questions please contact me at: 

I would be honored to help.

Finding your inner voice the quick way – As I See It