Buddah_webAre you feeling stuck? Do you know you have some big decisions you have to make and you are either frozen in fear or just unable to get the decision making process started?

Do you feel “lost” in your own life? You know you have a greater purpose, but just can’t seem to see it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or just unhappy in general, and you can’t identify why?

These are just a few questions and areas that supportive counseling and coaching can be of great value. My role is to help you identify the underlying stumbling blocks that may be holding you back and then help you create a plan to help you become empowered with your decisions and choices in life. By using both my clinical training and my intuitive insight I can help you see the deeper meaning underlying your issues and then provide you with the quickest approach to getting to the core of the matter. Life is short – it is important to embrace every single moment.

Are you tired and frustrated and feel like you are just going through the motions everyday?  Do you feel like life has more to offer, but you just don’t know what it is or how to achieve it?  Finding that joy and creating that purpose driven life is only a step away.