I received a phone call the other day from a woman (Pat) who was very concerned that something “bad” was happening to her 10 year old daughter.   She explained to me that every night, for the last 2 weeks, her daughter was seeing an image of a man in a dark suit; he would show up right as she was preparing to go to sleep.  Pat went on to explain that this Spirit never said or did anything, except show up at night and stand there smiling.  This had frightened her daughter (as to be expected) so much so, that she was refusing to sleep in her room any longer.

As our conversation continued, I began to pick up energetic information about this Spirit and therefore clearly understood what was happening with this child.  Even though I explained to Pat over the phone what was happening, she decided that she would feel more comfortable having me over for a visit to assess the situation in person.   Once in the house I asked her daughter to show me her room.  We talked about all the beautiful things she had on display.  She proudly showed me her dolls, posters, costumes and every pink sparkly little girl thing you could imagine.  After about 5 minutes of visiting, her “scary” man arrived.

medium_2982647864As he entered our space, I began to talk to him and ask him why he had come and what he wanted. Just as I thought, he was one of her Spirit Guides coming to keep her company and was just vibrationally coming in at an elevated level that was just a little too strong for this child.  Once I explained to him that his level of connection was a little too intense for her, he immediately eased back and made his energetic vibration softer and less evident.  The shift in the room was immediately noticeable, and this lovely child seemed to breathe a sigh of relief without realizing it.


Things to consider if you have a child who is telling you they are seeing Spirit:

  • Many children are very perceptive to spiritual energy.  As a rule, children perceive energy very naturally because they have not learned to tune it out yet. Often those “imaginary” friends some children play with are actually Spirit Guides that are there keeping them company.  It is important to let your child know that this experience is perfectly normal and that there is nothing to be afraid of. They can talk to Spirit just as if they are talking to their friends. They can invite them to stay or ask them to leave. Give your child power.
  • The veil between our two realms has definitely become thinner, and Spirit is able to connect with us much easier.   Spirits too, are getting used to the ease of connecting with us, so sometimes they come to us with more intensity than necessary.   All we need to do is to politely ask them to back off.  They will understand and respond immediately to our requests.
  • Our guides only send us loving thoughts and feelings.  If your child ever tells you that they are hearing something in a negative tone or voice, don’t ignore it or belittle your child.  There are occasions when lower vibrating beings out there will become a little confused and try to be not so nice to us.  In this case, call a professional to help you.  There are many authentic psychic mediums and healers that can help.
  • Even if you don’t fully understand how this Spirit thing works, trust it is real. Just because you may have never had an experience with seeing or hearing spirits growing up, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Trust me they do, and they are here to help us on our journey.  So allow your child to feel safe and supported if they come to you sharing their experience, because hearing and trusting that guidance is a positive, powerful thing.

It is so important to support our children during this very exciting time.   Allowing your child to be comfortable with their abilities is the first step.  I want to compliment this wonderful mother who I had the privilege to speak too.  She listened to her child, put her personal beliefs aside and when she didn’t have the answers she reached out to a professional.  Way to go Mom!

Final note:  There is a TV program called Psychic Kids.  I will state right now I’m not a fan of the show.  I think the premise is great, but I have my opinion on production value…which I’ll share with you tomorrow!

Love your children for who they are folks…they are our future!

The Big Bad Boogie Man – As I See It.