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Why I’m anti woo-woo.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally immersed in all things metaphysical. My house is full of crystals and Himalayan salt lamps, my shelves are lined with books about soul work, and every week I sage just about everything around me to remove stagnant, negative energy.  Heck, I talk to the dead and listen to angels on a daily basis.  So yes, I’m pretty invested in all things “woo”. (Insert painful cringe at the use of that word). Here’s my problem though: My work as a Spiritual Medium is something I take very seriously. It has been a long journey for me, to sit comfortably in an industry where good honest healers are made out to be less than honorable people.  We are called charlatans, frauds, cheaters, scammers and wack-a-doodles (my all-time favorite) just because we have developed our perceptual abilities beyond the average person. I don’t dismiss that there are dishonest folks in my Continue reading ...

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Finding My Heart ~ On A Hot Summer’s Day

Gabby ~ Queen Extraordinaire The scorching sun was beating down upon me; my skin turning bright red as I watched the blisters quickly begin to form on my arms.  Nah, I'm just kidding.  It was hot on that August day don't get me wrong; the heat was totally tolerable and manageable  for me at least.   But then again, I wasn't the one wearing a fur coat. As I'm sure you figured out by now, I'm talking about my little four legged child Gabby.  She is an English Labrador Retriever - Queen Extraordinaire.  Bless her little heart, she just has zero tolerance for the heat.  Anything above 80 degrees and she is just plain miserable.  You can imagine then, what was happening on this wonderful  95 degree warm, sunny day.  It only took an hour of her constant whining and panting for me to finally give in and take a break.  I knew Continue reading ...

Do you need to put forgiveness into action in your life?

I’m inspired today to write about forgiveness.  I think we often forget the importance and power behind this very simple, yet deeply complex act.  Most of us have been involved in a situation where we feel we have been hurt or wronged by someone, and that some form of forgiveness is required. Some of us have been deeply hurt physically, emotionally, or spiritually and our very survival depends on whether or not we can forgive so that we can move on.  For others, the wounds are so deep they can’t even make the connection between forgiveness and right action – it seems as if payback is the only option. Forgiveness is a powerful act.  It is something I encourage many clients to start with, or to become aware of, when they are beginning the stages of self growth and personal transformation.  Many times the most complex problems are brought into light by starting with the Continue reading ...

Help I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up – Back Pain No More!

"Help!  I've fallen and I can't get up!" That was me just a little over a year ago. I was the typical story: I stood up, slightly turned to reach for a towel and “pop”! That’s all she wrote. Seconds later I had excruciating pain that took my breath away and put me into a state of shock. I not only hurt like hell, but the pain immediately created a sense of fear that ran deep into the depths of my soul. Was this it? Had I just lost my independence? Was I forever going to be disabled? Intuitively I knew I needed to lay flat on the floor and bend my knees to elevate the pressure in my low back, so down I went. As a clinician I knew what it meant to have a level of pain that bad; I knew deep down I was eventually going to need to get medical help. Continue reading ...

Put Your Day Behind You – Get A Better Night’s Sleep

One of the most important things we can do for our health and wellness is to get a good night’s rest. That said, there are so many people, (me included) that cannot seem to make that happen. Often we are plagued with endless internal conversations, and non-productive mind chatter that rambles on and on the moment we attempt to lay our head to rest. “Did I pay that bill?”,    “Is that report complete?” “Are the kids alright?”     “I can’t believe that happened today” On and on it goes. Oh dear God make it stop! Or even worse, we immediately fall asleep but then like clockwork (yes, pun intended) we wake up at 3:00am with our brains pumping out random thoughts like the Energizer Bunny on steroids. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledges that sleep deprivation is becoming a public health hazard because of the increased links to “motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, Continue reading ...

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Finding your Inner Voice

Here is my question for you today:  Do you hear the Voice within? Each of us has been given a wonderful gift; the ability to connect and hear that special Voice within.  Some call it God or Source, or you may know it as Universal Energy or the Collective Consciousness. It is our inner intuition that we all have deep within.    Whatever label you choose to give it, the purpose is the same; it is here to gently guide us in our journey here on earth. The trick however is to remind ourselves that we have this gift and then give ourselves permission to slow down enough and become still enough to hear it.   The funny thing is, if you ignore it long enough, you’ll find that this inner Voice has a way of getting your attention anyway, but  by that time the experience usually will not be so subtle.  Learning to listen to the Continue reading ...

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Improve Your Connection – The Art Of Listening

Spirit is always speaking to us in a variety of different ways; we just need to learn to pay attention to the many subtle signs, symbols and gentle voices of spirit language.  Believe it or not, you are being guided every single day in one way or another.  Do you hear this guidance?  Probably not.  One way that you can begin to 'tone up and tune in' is to simply close your eyes and listen.  Allow yourself 5 minutes several times a day and just listen.   Pay attention to all the various sounds you hear: cars, birds, trees rustling in the wind, and people talking. Pay attention to it all.  At the end of 5 minutes write down on a piece of paper all the sounds you recall. As you continue to practice this method, you will find your ability to distinguish even the quietest of sounds will become quite proficient.  Our inner guide also Continue reading ...

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Grieving the loss – and one very determined soul.

Today I had the honor to read for a family who lost their son in a tragic accident.  Mom and Dad both, understandably, lost in grief; unable to see how they were to move themselves forward in life.  For them, time had stood still.  Trying to navigate all the emotions of grief and guilt was obviously wearing them down.  “If I’m not missing him, I feel guilty” was the most prominent thought holding them back and wearing them down. Their son on the other hand, was on the Otherside trying his hardest to help them through their process.  “It’s about time!” he said to me the moment they scheduled the appointment.  “Games on now - When are we going to be talking to them?” It all began on a cold winter’s night. This story actually begins several months ago during a completely unrelated reading.  I had scheduled a session with a young woman who was Continue reading ...

Releasing unfinished business from 2012

I just completed the last bit of unfinished business from 2012.  It was an email response I should have had done in December.  It has been weighing on my mind on and off for a month.  The reason I share this is because I didn’t realized how much it was keeping me focused on the past Continue reading …

As I See It – Tips for increasing your Visualization skills

I often hear, “I just can’t visualize…no matter what I try, all I see is black when I close my eyes.” The ability to Visualize is available and achievable by everyone; it is just a muscle you have to develop and then use in order to make stronger. Here is a simple technique that I teach my clients who want to improve their visualization skills either for meditation, or increasing their visual connection (Clairvoyance) to spirit. Choose an item, for example an Orange.  Hold it in your hand where you can clearly see it. Look at it for 10 seconds. (Counting 1 -1000, 2-1000 vs. watching a clock) Now close your eyes.   You will see the “visual imprint” in your “mind’s eye” of that Orange. Repeat this process several times; then stop.  After 15 minutes, without having the item near you, close your eyes and “picture” the Orange in your “mind’s eye”. At first, you Continue reading ...

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