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Releasing unfinished business from 2012

I just completed the last bit of unfinished business from 2012.  It was an email response I should have had done in December.  It has been weighing on my mind on and off for a month.  The reason I share this is because I didn’t realized how much it was keeping me focused on the past Continue reading …

Sensing Spirit

"So, how does it work?" This is  a question I am most frequently asked.   "How do you 'see', 'hear' and 'feel' spirit?" My answer is quite simple:  It all comes down to energy. The concept of energy is a pretty simple one, and the majority of us have a basic understanding of it.  Things such as atoms, electrons, positive and negative energy flows, currents and the rate and speed of energy.  These are the things that we ALL have in common; plants, animals, humans, physical forms and spiritual forms.   We are all just energy flowing at different rates and speeds.   How does that apply to perceiving spiritual energy? I explain it like this:  We as living being have 2 energy forms, one nestled within another. First, is our physical body which of course is made up of constantly moving atoms and molecules. As these particles move they are creating matter, or our physical body.  Continue reading ...

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As I See It – Tips for increasing your Visualization skills

I often hear, “I just can’t visualize…no matter what I try, all I see is black when I close my eyes.” The ability to Visualize is available and achievable by everyone; it is just a muscle you have to develop and then use in order to make stronger. Here is a simple technique that I teach my clients who want to improve their visualization skills either for meditation, or increasing their visual connection (Clairvoyance) to spirit. Choose an item, for example an Orange.  Hold it in your hand where you can clearly see it. Look at it for 10 seconds. (Counting 1 -1000, 2-1000 vs. watching a clock) Now close your eyes.   You will see the “visual imprint” in your “mind’s eye” of that Orange. Repeat this process several times; then stop.  After 15 minutes, without having the item near you, close your eyes and “picture” the Orange in your “mind’s eye”. At first, you Continue reading ...

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As I See It – Love, Trust and Wedding Cake

In the center of my kitchen table sits the 4th wedding cake I’ve made.  As I sit here looking at it, I am reminded of new beginnings.  Of happiness, unwavering faith and a love that seems impossible to ruin or take for granted.  It feels as sweet as I know this cake will taste.  On each layer sits beautiful hand crafted gum paste daisies, strategically positioned for perfect viewing pleasure. Swirls and dots decorate the sides as piped flowers appear to support and soften the edges.  It is the ultimate symbol of love and trust. I find it interesting that I am now finishing this monumental project just at the same time I am faced with having to deeply look at, and explore trust and love  issues in my own life.  Trust is not an easy thing for me.  Partly because I’m a control freak, partly because I have had my heart stomped upon by Continue reading ...

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It is 4:30 in the morning and I find myself up and wandering around my house. With my coffee in hand, I stop and stand in hallway next to the quiet rooms that once where the  busy ‘homes’ for my children.  Today they are the open canvas for the next phase of my life.  You see, this week I became an official “empty nester.”  Please don’t misunderstand, I am not sad or depressed or necessarily lost; I am however experiencing what can be identified as a major transition in my life. We all experience transition at some point. Whether it is subtle or ‘knock your socks off’ big, you are going to experience some sort of transition; I promise.  Here are just a few examples:  job/career changes, starting or ending relationships, marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of a loved one, death of a pet, physical or mental illness, midlife crisis, menopause, starting/leaving school, Continue reading ...

As I See It: Judging someone before you get to know them is never a good thing.

Please don’t judge me before you get to know me.   Just because I use the term “psychic/medium” to describe how I choose to help others, does not mean I’m a nut job or I believe in everything woo-hoo-ish.  It does not mean that I am crazy, ditzy or otherwise disconnected from reality.  I do not deal with “voodoo” and I am not…I repeat, am not the devil incarnate. I am just me. I do not expect everyone to believe in what I do, and I do not want to try to convince those to think differently to convert to my way of thinking.  After all, it is a world created of free will, so instead of trying to push my beliefs on others, I choose to just be me and will allow you to just be you.  After all, isn’t that what gives the world a little bit of “flavor”? I am often asked what Continue reading ...

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2012 just started – How can I already be behind?

2012’s upside is that it is full of potential for each and every one of us.    The downside is that 2012 is going to go extremely fast, so don’t blink!   I wanted to share with you some information I received about two weeks ago but I got caught up in trying to keep up with the pace of life, and just kept putting it off.  Apparently, my Guides are not willing to accept my behavior, because they keep reminding me to take care of this, so I guess it is time to get it on paper and off to you. 2012 has started at an abnormally fast pace for me, and from what I understand many others too.  The only way I can describe it is I feel like an iphone.  Every morning I wake up, begin my day with meditation, and I start down loading all sorts of information at an accelerated pace.  It Continue reading ...

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Life Got In The Way

It has been one year since I created this blog page.  At that time, I wasn’t clear how this section was going to be used, but I knew it was important to have it set up and in working order.   My first entry was intended to be a ‘place holder’ just until the section was up and running within that first week.   I decided to use a small entry out of my book, “Into the Land of Me – The Diary of a Sleep Deprived Woman”, my first and only book so far.  The title of the piece used was – Where Will You Be When the Angels Sing?    I chose it for two reasons:  first, because it was already written and I could just plunk it in the section, and second because it was light hearted and fun. However no matter how much I liked it, I never intended it to be the only Continue reading ...

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