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Finding My Heart ~The Beginning

I love hearts.   After sitting here for 2 hours trying to create the most catchy opening sentence, this is what I've come up with.  I love hearts.  Of course, that isn't solely what I want to convey, it is merely a simple opening to a much bigger thought process that has been bubbling beneath the surface of my soul for several months now.  I think more specifically what I would like to address is, 'Where did all the love go?'  I don't mean to sound like a pessimist, but for goodness sake people, put away the hate and bring on a little more love! As I began to deeply ponder this question, an odd thing began to happen - I began to see more hearts, everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE, all the time.  So much so that I could no longer ignore their presence in my life.  I had to stop and ask myself,  What Continue reading ...

Not following your intuition can really stink!

It was a lovely evening for a walk.  The sun was just setting providing the most glorious sunset, and the air was warm and inviting.  It seemed like the perfect time to get out, walk the dog, and have some bonding time with my husband. By the time we left the house the sky was already dark and the moon had risen, so I grabbed the flashlight, knowing that the road we would be walking on was uneven and also knowing that country living does have it’s fair share of wild critters.  With my husband, the dog and a flashlight in hand we all started off on our walk. “You don’t need that flashlight” he said, “the moon is bright enough to see where we are going.” “I have to turn the light on.  I have to see where I’m going!” I said.  With one quick click the path was illuminated and my worst fears Continue reading ...

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It’s Just Not That Spooky!

Several days ago I saw something on TV that really upset me; and yes, I do understand that can happen when you’re watching in the middle of the day.  This show however hit close to home which is why I think it is still bothering me.  The program is called: Psychic Kids. This is what has me so upset:  the story line of this program is based on children and teens all that have a strong natural ability to communicate with Spirit.  Each episode tells the story of a child and their journey in experiencing Spirit and how they learn to deal with their gifts.  They are being guided by adults who are skilled psychic mediums who teach them how to understand what they see and feel. This is a great premise and a fabulous opportunity for educating our society about energy and all things of spiritual nature.  Where this show went wrong was by Continue reading ...

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What to do if your child is seeing Spirits.

I received a phone call the other day from a woman (Pat) who was very concerned that something “bad” was happening to her 10 year old daughter.   She explained to me that every night, for the last 2 weeks, her daughter was seeing an image of a man in a dark suit; he would show up right as she was preparing to go to sleep.  Pat went on to explain that this Spirit never said or did anything, except show up at night and stand there smiling.  This had frightened her daughter (as to be expected) so much so, that she was refusing to sleep in her room any longer. As our conversation continued, I began to pick up energetic information about this Spirit and therefore clearly understood what was happening with this child.  Even though I explained to Pat over the phone what was happening, she decided that she would feel more comfortable having Continue reading ...

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Staying Open to the Possibility

Today I am preparing to meet a new client; he has been referred to me by a friend.  All I know is that he is open to learning more about what I do, and that he is curious about connecting with Spirit. As I wait for him to arrive I notice that outside, the dog and  cat have proceeded to pull out clumps of each others hair while doing battle for a sunny spot in front of my door.  So, I get my broom and step outside to sweep and clean the entrance before my client arrives.   Just as I start to lift the rug up I notice I’m not alone. A man in fatigues stands waiting by my door. I can see the army helmet, and combat boots.  I still get startled a little when loved ones pop in before my client, but I at least now know I have my connection. I say Continue reading ...

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Puppy dog love from beyond

Monday morning chores… Walmart.  Sigh.  My cart is jammed packed full, as I patiently stand in line waiting to check out.  I start to make lists in my head of all the things left to do.  Schedule dentist appointments, update budgets for volunteer organizations and return phone calls long forgotten.  I am quickly brought back to the present as the line shuffles forward. As I turn to push my cart, I notice the man behind me.  Poor guy, only 6 things in his cart and he’s stuck behind me.  I just can’t stand the injustice, so I offer to let him move in front of me.   “Please, go in front of me”, I say.  “Really? You don’t mind?” It is through this gentle interaction that Spirit has started to work. As the line progresses forward I start to perceive all those things that everyone is capable of seeing, but so few actually  choose to.  I Continue reading ...

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Grieving the loss – and one very determined soul.

Today I had the honor to read for a family who lost their son in a tragic accident.  Mom and Dad both, understandably, lost in grief; unable to see how they were to move themselves forward in life.  For them, time had stood still.  Trying to navigate all the emotions of grief and guilt was obviously wearing them down.  “If I’m not missing him, I feel guilty” was the most prominent thought holding them back and wearing them down. Their son on the other hand, was on the Otherside trying his hardest to help them through their process.  “It’s about time!” he said to me the moment they scheduled the appointment.  “Games on now - When are we going to be talking to them?” It all began on a cold winter’s night. This story actually begins several months ago during a completely unrelated reading.  I had scheduled a session with a young woman who was Continue reading ...

Releasing unfinished business from 2012

I just completed the last bit of unfinished business from 2012.  It was an email response I should have had done in December.  It has been weighing on my mind on and off for a month.  The reason I share this is because I didn’t realized how much it was keeping me focused on the past Continue reading …

Sensing Spirit

"So, how does it work?" This is  a question I am most frequently asked.   "How do you 'see', 'hear' and 'feel' spirit?" My answer is quite simple:  It all comes down to energy. The concept of energy is a pretty simple one, and the majority of us have a basic understanding of it.  Things such as atoms, electrons, positive and negative energy flows, currents and the rate and speed of energy.  These are the things that we ALL have in common; plants, animals, humans, physical forms and spiritual forms.   We are all just energy flowing at different rates and speeds.   How does that apply to perceiving spiritual energy? I explain it like this:  We as living being have 2 energy forms, one nestled within another. First, is our physical body which of course is made up of constantly moving atoms and molecules. As these particles move they are creating matter, or our physical body.  Continue reading ...

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As I See It – Tips for increasing your Visualization skills

I often hear, “I just can’t visualize…no matter what I try, all I see is black when I close my eyes.” The ability to Visualize is available and achievable by everyone; it is just a muscle you have to develop and then use in order to make stronger. Here is a simple technique that I teach my clients who want to improve their visualization skills either for meditation, or increasing their visual connection (Clairvoyance) to spirit. Choose an item, for example an Orange.  Hold it in your hand where you can clearly see it. Look at it for 10 seconds. (Counting 1 -1000, 2-1000 vs. watching a clock) Now close your eyes.   You will see the “visual imprint” in your “mind’s eye” of that Orange. Repeat this process several times; then stop.  After 15 minutes, without having the item near you, close your eyes and “picture” the Orange in your “mind’s eye”. At first, you Continue reading ...

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