I often hear, “I just can’t visualize…no matter what I try, all I see is black when I close my eyes.”

The ability to Visualize is available and achievable by everyone; it is just a muscle you have to develop and then use in order to make stronger.

Here is a simple technique that I teach my clients who want to improve their visualization skills either for meditation, or increasing their visual connection (Clairvoyance) to spirit.

  1. Choose an item, for example an Orange.  Hold it in your hand where you can clearly see it.
  2. Look at it for 10 seconds. (Counting 1 -1000, 2-1000 vs. watching a clock)
  3. Now close your eyes.   You will see the “visual imprint” in your “mind’s eye” of that Orange.
  4. Repeat this process several times; then stop.  After 15 minutes, without having the item near you, close your eyes and “picture” the Orange in your “mind’s eye”.

At first, you may have a quick, light vision of the orange, but as you continue to practice you will quickly be able to remember the size, shape and color with great clarity.

  1.  I recommend continuing with other items or photos as you strengthen your skills.  Try different textures, shapes and sizes.  With just a little practice you too will be able to visualize with ease.

As a Medium, my ability to see things in my mind’s eye is one way that spirit will communicate with me.   When a loved one comes through and wants to get a message to their family, I am shown images (for example an Orange) or situations that will have special meaning for them.   I then interpret those images for their family in order to communicate that special message.   If you would like more information about experiencing a Mediumship reading,  or know of someone that could use my help, please go to: www.maggiescrobonia.com I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy visualizing!

Many Blessings,  Maggie