The last several days I have been nursing myself back to health after catching a nasty cold.  While I realize this is no miracle by any means, I do feel it is worthy of sharing this story.   You see, 3 weeks ago I had one of ‘those moments’ that changed how I now view my life; which is why this recent episode of catching a cold just wasn’t the big nasty ordeal that it usually is.  Luckily, my body waited until all my Thanksgiving guests left before it decided to tank.  I had fever, aches, sore throat, sinus pressure and all the normal phlegm related issues associated with the “common cold”.   Why was this time  so different?  Because from the moment I felt it coming on, I was very grateful for every miserable moment of it.  Waking up at 2 in the morning – grateful;  the inability to swallow my own saliva – very grateful;  the total body aches – I embraced and loved .  To accurately tell this story though, first I must digress.

Three weeks ago, I was almost killed in an auto accident. I wish I could say that it was some other idiots fault, but I can’t; it was mine.  I realize now, that like most things in my life, it happened for a reason.   Each day since then, I have remained mindful of this precious gift we call life, and continue to process the many lessons learned from those few quick moments.  These are the 3 main points, or lessons,  I would like to share with you.

Three weeks ago, I was almost killed in an auto accident. I wish I could say that it was some other idiots fault, but I can’t;  it was mine.  I realize now, that like most things in my life, it happened for a reason.

First, I believe as souls here on this earth, we are provided opportunities to “check out” if we want to, and move to the next plane of existence, these are the moments, or so called near misses like I just had.  It is during these near misses that we can chose to stay here and continue to work on our soul’s journey, or we can take the exit route.  For me, both astrological and personal experience supported this.  Clearly, I still have more work to do here on this earth which is why I’m sitting here writing to you instead of talking to you from the other side.   Second, I will never again doubt that I have assistance and protection from guides and angels when  I need them .  As I pulled out in front of the oncoming truck I became keenly aware that some force greater than me had intervened and taken over control my car.  I would like to offer many thanks to my guardian angels and guides for the extra  downward push on the accelerator which propelled my car forward and out of harm’s way.  Thirdly, and most importantly I have become acutely aware of all the simple blessings in my life.  Just the process of returning home that night and realizing that my family could have been planning my funeral, was quite a reality check for me.  That night, as we sat watching TV, it became very apparent to me that I would never take for granted all the simple things in life that I have or I do. They were no longer “have to” moments, but “get to” moments, which is how this leads us back to my  gratitude cold.

You see, everything in life comes down to perception.  We are all born with the gift of perception, it is just how we choose to use it that makes us different.  It is that famous, “is the glass half empty or half full” way of thinking.  As I crawled out of bed, teeth chattering from my fever the first thing I realized  was this was an experience I might not be having at all; my second thought was that there are so many other people in this world that would love to “feel” their body the way I currently was.  I quickly became aware that every part of this experience could be perceived as a gift.   It was not only a gift to walk to the medicine cabinet, but  I was  also blessed to have a medicine cabinet at all.  I embraced my sore throat because that meant I could actually swallow, and blowing  my nose became the gift of being able to use my own hands to do that task all by myself instead of waiting and relying on someone else to do it for me.  The sleepless couple of days were not drenched in woe is me, but instead, more of a sweaty fan-freak’n – tastic attitude.  Yes, my life is good, albeit a little snotty right now.

Maybe some of you have experienced this life flashing before your eyes moment as I did, and you too now have a greater appreciation for all those moments in your daily life that you no longer consider burdensome.  Maybe you too are very aware and grateful for the things you get to do instead of have to do.   If for some reason you feel you fall short in this area, I would like to challenge you take 1 day and make a conscious effort to shift your thinking.  Use post it notes if you have to, but change how you view the events in your life, because I can say, with 100% accuracy there is always someone else who would love to have your perceived troubles.  I would also like you to consider reaching out and helping someone in need; be it a neighbor or a global organization like Heifer International, just go beyond your own  personal troubles and provide help to someone less fortunate than yourself; it will always help put things back into perspective.  And that folks… is How I See It.